| January 5, 2017

Ever wonder why some relationships — yours or others — look like they’re meant to last, and then they just don’t? It could be that they're written in the stars to fail … literally.

It turns out that our astrological signs could play a part in who we end up with. And who better to consult about this than professional astrologer and "The Power of Mercury" author Leslie McGuirk?

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Here, McGuirk explains what your sign says about how you love, and who might be right for you:


They say you don’t really know anyone till you know them six months. Well, an Aries doesn't like to wait that long. As one of the most impatient signs of the Zodiac, Aries need love expressed to them in physical ways. "They don’t like to just sit around, so when it comes to love and sex, they can get fired up really quickly and get hungry for action," says McGuirk. "Aries have a lot of passion but can burn out, so they really need to be careful containing that fire. To maintain a relationship, it’s good for them to slow down the pace, linger, and enjoy the relationship."


Unlike Aries, Taurus needs the softer energy of handholding, sitting on the couch, chatting, chilling on the beach, and anything mellow. They also like to express love through cooking, dining, and anything that has to do with the sensory pleasures. "They’re very sensual and need candlelight, soft music and good food. Everything should be comfortable for them," says McGuirk. "But all that comfort can make a Taurus lazy. If you’re a Taurus, or with one, be careful that you and the relationship don’t get stale from hanging out alone too much and doing everything in your own little bubble."


They’re all about the mind and the intellectual. Unlike the Taurus, who needs to be fed through the stomach, Geminis need to be fed through the brain. Love and sexuality must connect with an intellectual part, not just an animalistic one. Brains have to connect through talking and communication. “Since it’s all about the mind, a Gemini in love can get too intellectual," explains McGuirk. "They’ll think and think, and just like their 'twin' symbol, they can be indecisive and overthink."

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If you are not sweet and gentle with Cancers, they will turn off. As the most emotional sign, Cancers need to feel safe and secure and feel that the person they are with can nurture them when they’re upset. "Cancers are more shy and retiring, but they’re also one of the most sexual signs because they’re the most emotionally in-tune," McGuirk says. "Everything is felt on an emotional level, so sex for a Cancer is very deep and passionate for them. However, at first meeting, people may think Cancers are shy and standoffish sexually, but it’s really not true. It just takes a while for them to feel safe."


In order for a Leo to feel loved, the person they’re with must make pronouncements of their love and affection. "Leos need to hear that they are loved and adored. They need to know they matter, that they’re special. They often like to feel like they’re in the spotlight and like to be shown off by their partner. Since Leos can be a little flashy, those who date a Leo will have to raise the bar a little higher in the elegance department," says McGuirk.


They’re picky: Virgos will over-analyze their partner to see if they're really a practical match. "There is nothing about love that is not chaotic and unexpected, and Virgos don’t like to be out of control. So if you’re in love with a Virgo, you have to put up with their fussiness," says McGuirk. But as she explains, those fussy fits won’t last long: Once you get to a Virgo's heart, they make very stable, gentle and sweet partners … they’ll just make you jump through a few hoops, first.


They’re the most obsessed with love and partnerships. However, as their "scale of justice" symbol suggests, they are constantly weighing options. "A Libra will look at all pros and cons, so much so that they may miss out on love for over-analyzing things," says McGuirk. "While Libras are very loving and very into partnerships, they also need their space and hate being glommed onto."

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The sexiest sign of the Zodiac, because Scorpios have an undercurrent of sexual energy that is constantly flowing. "Often, a Scorpio can only be with another Scorpio who can match their intensity," McGuirk warns. "When they’re in a partnership, they need to know that the other person is all theirs. That said, you never want to betray a Scorpio, because they will sting you." (Not to mention, they’re very intense lovers and a crave deep connection, which can be overwhelming for some.)


The most playful sign in the Zodiac, the Sagittarius likes to play jokes and is good with puns and sarcasm. They’re also into travel, and they tend to be attracted to the mysterious, outgoing people they meet on those travels. As McGuirk says, "They crave adventure and live on the edge. If a Sagittarius sees someone they like, they’ll let that person know. The downside to that direct charm is that they can get easily irked, which can be a problem for someone who is super sensitive."


They don’t appear to be sexual, but they really are. Like a wise owl, they’ll wait patiently to make sure they’re with the right person. "A Capricorn in love is cautious, practical and secure. Unlike a Sagittarius, Capricorns won’t risk life and limb for love. But they do make for great providers and have a very stable and carful energy about them," admits McGuirk. With that in mind, a Capricorn can be nice for someone who just had their heart broken.


These eccentric, free spirited creatures are open to the world when it comes to love. They love to love, but this can be problematic in one-on-one relationships. "It can feel less intimate with an Aquarius because the love they feel is more universal," says McGuirk. "An Aquarius in love must realize that they have to pay attention to their partner."  Besides this, McGuirk says that an Aquarius doesn’t really have a lot of negative qualities once they turn their focus all on you.

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Pisces are the dreamy romantics who are the quickest to fall in love, but they're also more likely to fall in love with an illusion. "They love the fantasy of it all, and they're very mushy in a romantic way," McGuirk explains. "They can be indecisive and delusional with whom they are in love." But if you're already dating a Pisces, don't fret just yet. "If you’re in love with a Pisces, and can contain their romantic fantasies, they are one of the most passionate and sensual of the signs,” adds McGuirk.