| December 6, 2012

It's 1939 and the King and Queen of England are making their first trip to America. 

Their visit to the country home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park, N.Y., comes in the midst of his affair with distant cousin Daisy, and also as King George VI is looking for U.S. support in the the looming war with Germany.

"Hyde Park on Hudson" (directed by Roger Mitchell) is based on the events of the historic weekend, with the romance between Roosevelt (an excellent Bill Murray) and sad sack Daisy (Laura Linney) playing out as preparations are made by Eleanor Roosevelt for their special guests.

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Daisy and FDR start off as friends, but the relationship quickly progresses from them perusing his stamp collection together to taking long, secluded drives in the country.

Meanwhile, the decision to serve hot dogs as the main course at a picnic organized by the first lady proves particularly awkward for the bewildered royals.

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"Are they trying to make fun of us?" asks her royal highness. Good question.

The Date Nighter Says: Unless you're fascinated by the royal family or a big history buff, take a pass.