| May 25, 2012

I must warn you: This isn't your typical movie review column. My ratings system is simple: Is it worthy of a date night out at the movies? Blu-ray? Or is it just a bust?

The “Men in Black” are BACK … back in time, that is. In the third installment of the alien franchise juggernaut, our brash hero J (Will Smith) travels to 1969 to save the beloved K (Tommy Lee Jones) from certain death. We're treated to exotic 3D aliens, familiar faces and the same one-liners we've become accustomed to in the movie's predecessors … and that's one of the biggest problems! In what was supposed to be an epic comeback film for Smith, we’re really just getting the same old jokes, the same old antics and no further development of Smith's character. I mean, it's supposed to be J's 14th year on the force in this one … SERIOUSLY!? It seemed more like he was in the alien police academy than a seasoned senior level agent. I know, I know, it's a comedy and I should probably lighten up, but by the midway point it seemed destined to be a rare Smith stinker. I soon started to realize why it's being released Memorial Day weekend rather than getting Big Willy's traditional July 4th blockbuster treatment (like "MIB," "MIB2," "Independence Day," "Wild Wild West," and "Hancock").

Thankfully, the film did pick up after J traveled back in time. Incorporating several historical events and references certainly helped to freshen up the plot and added some much needed humor. But if you're looking to finally discover the back story of the woman in the picture K carries throughout the first movie, forget it.

One extremely bright note was the performance by Josh Brolin as the younger version of K. From his look and antics, down to the fact that his voice literally sounds the same, you really believe that Brolin is a young Jones.

Unfortunately, despite all the hype and fanfare, "MIB3" ultimately falls flat.

The Date Nighter Says: Don't do it! There are too many better options to spend your time on this holiday weekend. I'm afraid this could be a real date night downer.

Ratings: Blu-ray at best. Ahhh, if time travel only really existed so producers could go back and reboot it before ever releasing it.