| May 18, 2012

I must warn you: This isn't your typical movie review column. My ratings system is simple: Is it worthy of a date night out at the movies? Blu-ray? Or is it just a bust?

One blue line? Two pink? What does it mean? Well, it could mean that you’re about to watch a celeb-stuffed rom-com!

The Breakdown:
The storyline revolves around several different couples struggling with the trials and tribulations of having a child. You’ve got a militant mother-to-be and her obliging hubby (Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone), a pair of reality show stars (Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison), a photographer and her husband who want to adopt (Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro), and two food truck chefs (Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford) whose one-night stand turns into an unexpected dilemma.

In my opinion, one couple would’ve been enough. Having us go back and forth between four story lines made this movie very long and a little painful. By the time they all get to the hospital and Elizabeth Banks' character asks for “the juice” to ease the pain, all I kept thinking was give it to me first!

Banks and Falcone could’ve handled this one just fine on their own. Watching them for 110 minutes would be much more entertaining than trying to navigate between the three other baby plots.

What can men expect?
Hey guys, remember that funny trailer with Chris Rock? The one where he’s with his pack of “dudes” telling hilarious war stories about raising kids? Well, there’s that scene (which you’ve already seen), maybe one or two others … AND THAT’S IT! They totally duped us. They sucked us into what looked like another “Knocked Up” but delivered something else entirely. Those clever marketing guys did it again.

What can women expect?
Ladies, this one was definitely made for you; it's eye-candy central. Between the super cute babies, which sent a collective “AWW” around the theater every 10 minutes, and a collection of Hollywood studs, what more could you ask for?

The Date Nighter says:
Don’t do it! Ladies, if you must go, do your fella a favor and let him sit this one out.

Rental at best. Or maybe just wait and see if you find it while channel surfing one day.