| June 20, 2012

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, television personality and host of the relationship advice show “Loveline,” there are ways to protect yourself from a cheating spouse. Watch the video above or read on to find out what the love doctor has to say about your suspicions of cheating.

Don’t Live in Denial
If you have an inkling that your spouse is cheating, don’t ignore it. There’s a reason why you’re feeling that way. “Trust your gut,” says Dr. Drew. “And don’t deny things, and don’t pretend they’re not happening.”

Beware of Too Many Nice Gestures
If your partner is killing you with kindness, he or she may be trying to hide something. “Be careful if a guy is … being extra nice,” warns Dr. Drew. “That’s sometimes a sign that the wrong stuff is going on.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Investigate
“There should be nothing that your spouse is doing, on the internet or anywhere else, that should hurt your feelings,” explains Dr. Drew. “You should be at liberty to check (their) things if you want to … and they shouldn’t be defensive about that.”