| December 23, 2013

For years, relationship guru and Millionaires Club founder Patti Stanger has been helping couples find love off and on screen through her Bravo series "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

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But in her own life, she's been less lucky in the romance department. All that changed in 2012, when she met stockbroker David Krausse, with whom she's in love and happily engaged, though they have yet to set a wedding date.

YourTango: What's it like living with David? Has it been an adjustment for you?

Patti Stanger: Our styles of living are opposite. However, it has been so much fun coming home to a man who loves to cook and watch TV.

YourTango: How did you know he was 'the one?'

Patti Stanger: Because his smell made me go crazy. We have amazing chemistry.

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YourTango: Did he have all the qualities you look for?

Patti Stanger: No, he didn't have all of the qualities, nor did I. But he has a lot of them — someone who is monogamous who wanted to settle down.

YourTango: In what ways do you 'complete' each other?

Patti Stanger: We put our relationship first.

YourTango: How do you keep your relationship strong — and sexy?

Patti Stanger: We travel, we make sure we have a date night and a get-it-on night.

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YourTango: What did you learn from past relationships that you put into practice now?

Patti Stanger: It's better to be happy than right.