Fox News Magazine
| February 13, 2013

Ever since "The Notebook" was published, Nicholas Sparks has been making it difficult for men to live up to the high standards of romance he sets in his famed love stories. But he isn't sorry.

And why should he be? With 16 novels making their way to the New York Times Best Seller list (eight of which have been turned into tear-jerking films), Sparks has clearly found his niche in the love-story genre.

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We caught up with the author just before the release of "Safe Haven," his latest novel-turned-feature film starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, to find out what the writer has up his sleeve this Valentine's Day.

Here's what we learned:

“Safe Haven” is coming out in theaters tomorrow. How does it feel to see your work play out on the big screen?

NS: It’s always fun. I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve worked with a lot of great people, great directors, great casts. And people have, I think, enjoyed the films. It’s exciting for me to watch, too. I love to see the way they change or make changes because of the difference in the mediums. Novels are very different than films and I love to see someone else’s imagining of my story.

People consider "The Notebook" to be one of the most romantic stories of all time. What’s your favorite love story? 

NS: Not counting anything that I’ve done? [Laughter] There’s been a few good ones. You’ve got “Casablanca,” which is great; “Ghost,” I really thought was terrific; “Titanic,” I thought was a pretty good one. I like “Dirty Dancing.” That’s another good one.

Do you ever feel the need to apologize to men who can never live up to the standard you set in “The Notebook”?

NS: No, not necessarily [laughter]. There are good guys out there; at least they know what to aspire to, and hopefully in the right ways. I just try to create characters that I like.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

NS: I’m working on Valentine’s Day. I sent flowers to my wife and I bought her some wine. A few weeks ago, she was at a dinner party and she casually mentioned that this [wine] was her favorite, and after dinner I snuck back and found out which wine it was. It was something from France, and I had to find it in the U.S. and ship it. I told my assistant to arrange the bottles in the shape of a heart and to put a card in the middle with the flowers.

Can that go in the next book?

NS: No. [Laughter]

What’s next on the agenda?

NS: I’ll be starting a new novel in just a few weeks once I finish up the media tour here. I think that "The Best of Me" will start filming sometime later this spring or early summer, so I’ll be working on that and a couple of television shows. We’ll see what happens.