Associated Press
| March 20, 2013

Looks like there are won't be any more fireworks for this musical couple. Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly called it quits for a second time. 

According to US Weekly, the split comes as the couple is engrossed in different work projects, but a source told the magazine that there might still be hope for the duo.

"It's not over till it's over," a friend of the couple was quoted as saying. "You have to see how things play out."

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Anyone who's been through a breakup knows how tempting it can be to go back to what is familiar instead of getting back out on the dating scene, but when is enough enough?

"Breakups are hard to do, as the reasons are rarely black-and-white," says psychologist Karen Sherman. "There are still lots of positive emotions left, and when the couple is apart, the negative memories aren't as pressing as the positive ones and what is being missed seems to be more apparent."

When serious relationships come to an end, there may be unresolved issues that need a closer look before completely closing a chapter.

"When it’s over, is it really over? Not necessarily," says Nina Atwood, therapist and author of "Temptations of the Single Girl." Many couples tend to break up and get back together because not only does it become a pattern, but someone may be pushing for more commitment, Atwood says.  “Breaking up can be leverage to get what you want when you reunite. Don’t be surprised if we hear soon that Katy and John are engaged.”

Speculation aside, moving on is often easier said than done, and Hollywood couples are no exception.

“We are creatures of habit, and falling back into each other’s arms — even though there was a reason to break up in the first place — is very tempting when we perceive that the loss is actually more painful than the pain we experienced in the relationship,” says Marina Pearson, the founder of Divorce Shift and author of "Goodbye Mr. Ex."

“In the case of Katy and John, they have a very strong friendship, so losing a friend and someone to talk to is what makes it difficult to completely cut all ties as they have become so important,” Pearson says.

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Time will tell whether Perry and Mayer will go for round three, but fans of the couple can hold out hope.

“Sometimes, a breakup can actually help two people realize the strengths of their relationship and give them the motivation to try harder the second time around,” says therapist Elisabeth LaMotte.  “Sometimes, however, people spend the early stages of a breakup romanticizing the good and forgetting the bad. They get back together with the best of intentions and then realize that their 'breakup amnesia' clouded their judgment."