| November 7, 2012

There are some film characters that epitomize the movie-going experience. But no one does it quite like Bond … James Bond.

Daniel Craig is back and solidifies himself as one of the best to ever play 007. ‘Skyfall,’ like most Bond films, brings a balance of excitement, intrigue and sex appeal that separates it from other action franchises. 

However, it can’t be a great Bond flick without a great villain. Enter Javier Bardem as Silva, a former Double 0 turned cyber terrorist. Silva is on a quest for revenge against his former agency and will kill anyone in his path to achieve his goal. 

Bardem plays the part beautifully and his onscreen rapport with Craig is a great reason alone to buy a ticket.  

The Date Nighter Says:
Do it. I’d say a good Bond movie is a better date night than most romantic comedies. Throw on your finest attire and grab a cocktail afterward.  A martini perhaps? You know how you want it …