| January 10, 2013

“A cop that’s not for sale is like a dog with rabies. There’s no medicine for it, you just gotta put ’em down.” 

Mickey Cohen’s way got him to the top of the Los Angeles mob scene in the late 1940s. He paid off top city officials and law enforcement to keep his rackets running smooth. One cop who can’t be brought, however, is fighting back … and he’s bringing a “Gangster Squad.”  

Sgt. John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) is a cross between Joe Friday and Dirty Harry — a good cop who’s not afraid  to crack some skulls to fight for justice.  O’Mara is recruited to clean up L.A. and stop Mickey (Sean Penn) and his gang, and along for the ride are a cast of characters played by Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Patrick and, of course, Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays the young, street-smart Sgt. Jerry Wooters, who starts a reckless romance with Mickey’s main squeeze, Grace Faraday (Emma Stone). 

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The trailer for this one left me with little hope I’d be seeing any sort of epic gangster movie, and I was right. This isn’t “Goodfellas” or even “The Untouchables.” This is “Dick Tracy” with a dark side … and it’s awesome! It shines as a fast paced action/crime drama while echoing the classic neo-noir style and adding a pulp feel.

All the players were good. Nothing to write home about, but solid nonetheless. There were some corny lines here and there, but it’s all part of the fun with a film like this. Also, Gosling made an interesting choice with the way he decided to voice his character. It’s odd, but I think it worked.

The Date Nighter Says: Do it! It’s a fun film with a star-studded cast that does not disappoint.