| July 16, 2013

Every time there's a new polish launch, we get all giddy inside, but ridges, splitting nails, and unsightly cuticles can sabotage a manicure.

Whatever your hand and nail issues may be, there are plenty of treatments catered to curing your specific ailments.

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With a little diligence you can get your hands back into tip top shape and ready for showing off everything from classic polish shades to awe-inspiring nail art.


Problem: Dry Cuticles and Nails

Ending the day with a cuticle oil massage has two benefits: not only does it hydrate cracked skin, but also, it's just plain relaxing. CND's Solar Oil ($3) contains jojoba and almond oils as well as vitamin E, ensuring you'll have smooth, hydrated digits.

Problem: Rough Cuticles

If cuticle oil isn't enough to soften up hard, rough skin, brush on Butter London Melt Away ($19), which helps break down dead skin cells and softens up cuticles for easy removal without any cutting and trimming.

Problem: Ridges

Smooth out bumpy, uneven nails with a ridge-filling base coat, such as Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base ($19). The matte finish looks great on its own, but it also creates the perfect canvas for any manicure without any lines.

Problem: Yellowing

Everything from smoking to fungal infection can cause nails to start yellowing. Try soaking nails in lemon juice and then topping them off with Barielle Nail Brightener ($16). Be cautioned: if things don't clear up, a trip to the doctor may be in order, as a fungal infection could be present.

Problem: Peeling

If your nails are peeling away in layers, then reach for Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II ($10). This product contains protein to strengthen thin nails and bond together each layer.

Problem: Splitting

Sidestep chipped, cracked-down-the-center nails using Nailtique Formula 1 ($9). Keratin, calcium, and protein combine to thicken nails and repair splits.

Problem: Stagnant Growth

If your nail length seems to be at a standstill, then try Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer ($18), which contains herbs and minerals, particularly silica, which have been proven to help grow nails. You can also add biotin supplements to your diet to encourage nail and hair growth.

Problem: Smudges

Don't give your nails enough time to dry? Tacky nails can lead to smudging, so top any polish with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat ($10) for a high-shine finish in minutes. For added insurance, swipe on some cuticle oil after you've let the top coat dry for a few minutes.

Problem: Thickened Polish

If your favorite bottle of polish has started to thicken over time, you can revive it with a couple drops of OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner ($9). Your favorite enamel will be brought back to an ideal consistency for optimal application.

Problem: Dark Spots

Lack of sun protection, gel manicures, and age can lead to hyperpigmentation on the backs of your hands. You can even out any discoloration with a brightening hand cream like Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF 15 ($30).