| May 7, 2013

There’s a high-end solution to every beauty woe you can think of — from serums that go for hundreds of dollars a pop to the latest and greatest in skincare science.

But sometimes, the best solutions are right between the aisles of your local drugstore (even your grocery store)! Just think of all the cash you could save with just a few simple beauty replacements.

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From using Aquaphor on your nails to organic honey on your face, see which beauty remedies will keep your skin looking as good as your wallet. What’s not to love about multi-functional beauty?!

If the natural route isn’t your bag, that’s ok–we’re into cosmetics and stuff, too.

Green Tea Toner (and Eye Compress)

Brew up some green tea and use the hot tea bags to soothe puffy under-eyes and then cool the tea and use it as a refreshing toner.

The Aquaphor Cure-All

Aquaphor works wonders on skin--from dry lips to cuticles. Use it as a nighttime under-eye moisturizer or even remove your eye makeup with it.