| January 21, 2013

In this day and age, wearing a wrist watch may seem a little …unnecessary.

Thanks to mobile devices, computers, and the other digital gadgets we carry around with us, we don't need to look very far to find out what time it is.

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But old habits die hard, and if you find yourself continually glancing down at your wrist to check the time, don't give up on the watch just yet.

You can still ride the wave of the future with these nifty timepieces:
Free Time Watch, $110 — $130

This futuristic options has three concentric circles that each move with different rotational speeds to indicate the time.

If you love all things nautical (and have about $10K to spend), Kudoke's integrated gold octopus timepiece makes an interesting statement.
WeWOOD Timepieces, From $119

Made of 100% natural wood and other all-natural materials.
NOOKA Zirc Mirror, $149.50

A little bit retro. A little bit futuristic. This innovative design from Nooka reads just like an analog clock, but features dots that represent the hour and horizontal lines that represent minutes.

Take Time Watch, $49.50

An artful analog on a colorful flexible band.
Abyss LED Touchscreen Watch, $59.99

LED touch-screen wristwatch. Tap screen to animate and display time.