| July 16, 2013

Isn’t it funny that the higher temps get, the fewer chances we have to get our look right?

Think about it; when it’s freezing outside, we start with pants and a shirt, throw a colorful cardigan or structured blazer on top, then swaddle up in a gauzy scarf, maybe even don a slouchy hat with a pouf, and we haven’t even gotten to jewelry yet.

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In the summer, and especially during vacation, you've got one article of clothing — a bathing suit, if you're lucky-a mani/pedi, and not much else. That doesn't mean you can let coordination go by the wayside.

Sure, you may need to double your swimwear wardrobe to pull this off, and become a permanent fixture at the nail salon, but with our picks below, you can have a swimsuit to flatter any figure, plus a manicure and pedicure to match. Consider it your pool party power play.

Sea What We Mean

Suit: Camilla A Land of Wonder Twist Front One Piece, Camilla, $393

Nails:  Julep Denver, $7

Powerful Pastels

Suit: Scuba Crop Top & Hipster Bikini Bottom, Forever 21, $16.80, $12.80

Nails: Essie Full Steam Ahead, $8