| July 15, 2013

Drinking lots of water and always removing makeup at night? Not that spiel again.

We prefer when stars just straight-up admit their beauty routines are taxing, and when they hit the red carpet, we’d prefer them to flash us a leg and a gaudy stripper heel, a la Helen Mirren at the "Red 2" premiere.

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Unfortunately most celebrities aren’t as candid about their red carpet secrets as Dame Helen Mirren is, so we had to do a little digging. Eating your lippy and rubbing food on your face? Heels for dudes? Panty liners where?

Click through for eight weird tricks celebrities use for looking their best when the whole world’s watching. Some of them might come in handy, and others we’ll be staying away from.

High Heels...For Dudes

How did 5’7” Tom keep up with 5’11” Nicole in the height department, besides lifting his head as high as humanly possible? Four-inch pumps would have been a little obvious, but he did wear heels. Tom got a lot of grief for wearing heeled dress shoes and platform sneakers when they emerged back in ’08, but five years later he’s still repping them hard.
Pepto Bismol Face Mask

Diane Irons, author of "The World’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets," explains that Pepto contains salicylic acid, an acne-fighting ingredient, and gives your skin a mega glow if you let it sit for a few minutes. Recipe here.