| May 15, 2013

In the beginning of Anne Hathaway’s stardom, she seemed to be the kind of celebrity that people loved to hate. I KNOW, real people hating on celebrities — SHOCKER.

She crept into the Hollywood scene with "The Princess Diaries," looking a little mousy, uninformed (translation: clueless) and you know, like a normal person. The masses were not impressed.

Then Anne made her way into some more substantial roles: as Andy Sachs in "The Devil Wears Prada" and Jane Austen in "Becoming Jane." Hollywood began its dubious transformation on the seemingly innocent star (though we have to say, there was a lot of misguided boobage in Anne’s earlier days).

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But the Anne we’d previously known had begun her style transformation already. Once "Rachel Getting Married" came along, the nay-sayers were forced to pause in their tracks — Hathaway was starting to show that she was so much more than poorly executed red carpet dresses and chick flicks.

But even then, haters gonna hate. As you know, our girl went on to film a wealth of movies, most notably last year’s "Les Misérables." Within a matter of years, Anne had solidified her place among Hollywood’s chic elite. From rocking that amazing pixie beyond the silver screen to her standout appearance in vintage Valentino at the Met Gala, Anne has come a long way in the name of style. (Though is it possible she recently made the worst-dressed list?)

Let’s see how Hollywood has turned Anne’s sensible style into something far more stunning:

Eeek … Early Anne

Arriving for the world premiere of "The Princess Diaries" on July 29, 2001, in Los Angeles, California.

A Terrible Mistake Anne

At the release party for Britney Spears' new album "Britney" on November 6, 2001, in New York.

Just One Instance Of Unfortunate Side Boob Anne

At the film premiere for "Ella Enchanted" in New York on March 28, 2004.

Wacky Shirt And Extremely Pointy Heels Anne

At Nickelodeon's 17th Annual Kids' Choice Awards on the campus of UCLA in Westwood, California, April 3, 2004.

Dressed Down In Frumpy Jeans Anne

At the 2004 Teen Choice Awards held on August 8, 2004, in Universal City, California.