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| July 25, 2013

Curve-hugging blue jeans are a classic staple for every woman’s closet.

And what was once reserved for casual days has been transformed by designers into the ultimate answer to the what-do-I-wear-tonight question.

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“The humble jean is one of those rare garments, similar to the basic tee: You need at least one great one in your wardrobe, preferably 10!” says Amy Leverton, senior denim editor at Stylesight. “It has to make you feel comfortable, fit to your contours, and feel as soft as butter.”

One of the best parts about jeans? Making them work for you.

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“They can certainly help accentuate your body shape,” Leverton adds. “The size, subtle positioning, and shape of the back pockets alone can have a dramatic effect on the look of one’s derriere and the front and back rise, leg shape, as well as fit can either take inches off your leg or put inches on.”

Want to take the work out of shopping and find jeans that will not only fit your body, but also provide slimming results? We asked some style experts for their tips on how to get and rock the best jeans ever:
Choose the Right Color

All stylists agree that for an instant slimming affect, a dark wash is your best bet, as you can dress this color up or down.  Don’t feel like wearing dark denim all the time? No problem. Celebrity stylist Ali Levine insists you can wear any color of your choosing for similar results, as long as you keep one rule in mind. “Choose jeans that are solid tone, all dark or all light,” she explains. “Avoid faded jeans, which can thicken your legs.” Consider the Burberry Brit Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Indigo.

Beija Flor
Stretch Isn't Always a Good Thing

Stretchy jeans are certain to hug your curves, but too much of a good thing can be bad for you. "More than three percent elastic fabric can result in baggy trousers by the day’s end,” warns image consultant Thea Wood. To avoid adding excess, take note of the label to find out how much elasticity your jeans have. Try Beija Flor's Nicole Jean, known for being super soft and stretchy.

Make the Tailor Your Best Friend

Want custom-made jeans? “Do not be afraid to purchase jeans one size up and then pay a visit to a great tailor,” explains stylist Colin Megaro who has worked with Levi’s, Ivanka Trump, and Emporio Armani, among others. “A tailor can create a custom look for your body and work around the areas you dislike. And they’re often inexpensive.”

Study Your Figure

No two pairs of denim are alike, which means it's essential to try before you buy. And while looking at yourself in front a dressing room mirror can be a daunting experience, stylists say to put your insecurities aside and instead focus on feeling your best. “Try on as many designers and styles as you can and study yourself in front of the mirror to get a thorough idea of what flatters you most,” say personal stylist Dara Michelle. “Don’t forget to walk around, jump up and down, sit down, and bend over to get a good feeling of them before you purchase them.”

Don't Be Afraid to Eat

Speaking of hitting the fitting room, the last thing you want to do after having lunch with the girls is attempt to squeeze yourself into a new pair, right? Fashion writer and Emmy Award-winning TV host Hilary Kennedy says that’s actually the best time to go jean shopping. “Too often we try on before meal time and purchase a size too small. You want the jeans to fit comfortable when your tummy is empty and when it’s full.” If you struggle to bend over or even twist, chances are that pair is too tight and not meant for you.

Hudson Jeans
Booty Up

Want the illusion of a fit booty? Celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson says it’s all about fabric. “If your rear end is flat, you want to find a pair of jeans with some give, like lyre or spandex, for the perfect fit,” he states. Also, jeans with close-set pockets or those with a flap will also give add extra bulk and create a rounder shape. Try Hudson Jean's Beth Baby Boot, which "hugs the bum" and "gives you a long, lean silhouette."

J Brand
Invest in This Style Now

According to Cecelia Myers, co-founder of online personal styling site CakeStyle, low rise jeans may make a supermodel look chic, but they are often difficult to pull off for daily wear. Myers reassures us that bootcut jeans, which run wider from the knees down, are universally flattering and can make one look as if they shed a pound or two. “Everyone needs a great pair of bootcut jeans,” says Myers. “When paired with heels, they feel classic, elongating, and polished.” These are particularly favorable for ladies with hourglass figures as the style balances out curves. And even women with athletic figures can rock a bootcut for a curvier silhouette from top to bottom. Try a mid-rise slim boot leg jeans by J Brand.

Lucky Brand
Don't Fall Short

If you’re 5’4” or under, looking for denim to fit your petite frame can be frustrating because it seems like designers are only catering to the taller ladies. Not so. “Petite girls should look for slim-fit jeans that hit right at the ankle to elongate the legs,” says Levine. “Avoid wide styles, which can overwhelm your frame and make your bottom half look like a square.” Try Charlie Straight super stretch jeans by Lucky Brand.

Forever 21
If You're Top Heavy

Make sure you use color to balance out your curves, which will make you appear slimmer. “Create visual balance by wearing a lighter colored jean with a darker top, which should cover the widest part of the torso,” says Wood. This gives those usual black jeans a break! To brighten up your closet, consider Forever 21's budget-friendly colored jeans.

True Religion

Don’t be afraid to spend…on the right pair, that is. While those designer jeans may be pricey, stylists say you’re also paying for quality, and a well-made pair, if washed with care, will last for years. “If you wear jeans frequently, don’t be afraid to spend more money for a quality pair,” advises Wood. “Your cost-per-wear for $250 jeans you wear 2-3 times a week for two years is a lot less than a $79 dry clean only top you wear for four months.” Wood also recommends reserving 15% of your budget for alterations, which she says all jeans need to fit your shape perfectly. “If by some miracle you don’t need them, it’s a pleasant surprise!” We like True Religion's Becky Bootcut, which comes in an array of blue hues to enhance your personal style.