| May 23, 2013

If there’s one thing we absolutely adore about Gisele Bündchen, it’s her easy, breezy mane.

Classic beachy waves are always on trend to welcome summer, but there’s no celebrity that has made it their signature look quite like the 32-year-old model. And while soaking up the sun on a steamy afternoon sounds like the perfect way to kick off the season, you don’t have to dip your locks in salt water (or dreaded chlorine), to get runway-ready hair.

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Celebrity stylist Chase Kusero says that while hair trends may come and gone, Gisele's look will never go out of style.

“As a stylist working in Hollywood, I think we have seen the beachy wave on many celebrities over the last four years,” explains Kusero. “Beachy waves will never go away because women look the sexiest when their hair looks effortless and natural.”

Want to get supermodel hair, too? Check out these five ways to get Bündchen’s tousled tresses from renowned celebrity stylists:


Use a volumizing product to ensure that the waves have lasting power throughout the day or night. Stylist Janine Jarman loves this look because it works on all hair types and flatters the face. “I would wrap dry hair with a volumizing product, like Sebastian Volupt Spray,” before curling, explains Jarman.


Stylist Angelo David says Bündchen’s beachy waves are ideal for women with hair past the shoulders who may be tired of always going sleek and straight. David says the easiest and quickest way to get the look is with a curling iron. “Start with a heat protectant, like my Long and Stronger Detangler, before stylizing to minimize damage from heating tools,” says Angelo. “Using a two inch barrel curling iron, create soft curls to each section of hair. Break the curls by running your fingers through your hair. Finish the look with a medium hold hairspray.”

Blow Dry

“Apply a volumizing product and blow dry your hair, using your fingers to separate,” says Stylist Julia Papworth. “Feel free to flip your head over to dry. When dry, starting from the bottom up, take medium sized sections of hair, lightly mist with hairspray and then wrap them around a medium sized curling iron. Make sure to leave the ends of the hair uncurled as this really adds to the style.”

Sleep on It

Don’t feel like using heat as the temperature begins to rise? No problem. Stylist Danny Jelaca says you can get beachy waves overnight. “On damp hair, spritz with a hair oil, Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beautè,” explains Jelaca. “Run fingers through your hair and separate into four sections. Then, loosely twist hair into four buns. Sleep and in the morning let them down. You’ll wake up with perfect beach waves.”

Do the Twist

For those with fine hair, Kusero advises to first use a hair product on towel-dried hair that can add fullness, like Prive Root Amplifier. “Tousle dry hair upside down using high heat on a low speed to avoid frizz,” says Kusero. “Once hair is nearly dry, add a fingertip of texturizing clay, such as Prive Extended Texture Clay. Twist your hair in random sections to separate and define. Allow hair to air dry and then shake it out.”