| June 26, 2013

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given the world its first glimpse of their baby boy.

And while all eyes were on the next heir to the British throne, it was hard not to notice how stunning the new mom looked.

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For her first public appearance as a mother, the former Kate Middleton was reportedly assisted at the hospital by a hairdresser, which would explain why her famously well-coifed hair was looking so good. 

Fortunately, this is a soft, feminine style any woman can recreate to also look so naturally beautiful. We asked stylist David Babaii to teach us how we can get Kate's classic look for ourselves:


Trim for Health

When wanting royal hair every woman must follow suit by taking those extra strides to achieve a healthy, shiny and voluminous style. This includes monthly trims to keep the shape in check and picture-perfect condition.

Get a Clean Canvas

To achieve the perfect blowout like Kate Middleton you must always start with a clean canvas. Washing your hair daily whenever possible is very important as leftover product residue and oils will weigh and dull hair. My motto has always been clean hair and rinsing, rinsing and rinsing all the shampoo and conditioner from your hair until it is squeaky clean. 

Add Volume

Use a volumizing shampoo and gently wash your scalp. Do not scrub as this only activates your oil glands, resulting in that heavy, greasy feel you want to avoid. I usually recommend my clients to use a chelating shampoo once a week for oily hair and once a month for dry hair. This removes any product build-up that might weigh hair down, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.  Left over products have a tendency to dry the hair out so never sleep with conditioner in your hair and don’t leave your hair unwashed for days.


Once the hair has been properly shampooed and thoroughly rinsed, apply a moisturizing conditioner only to the ends to keep them hydrated. Gently massage the product to the ends and then rinse.

Dry Correctly

Now, once you have washed, cleansed, conditioned and rinsed thoroughly, gently towel dry the hair to remove as much moisture as possible. After all, you do not want to spend hours blow drying your hair.

Prep the Hair

To prepare the hair for styling apply a volumizing mousse to the root area only, followed by a small amount gently massaged into the ends for hold. 

Remove Excess Moisture Without Losing Lift

With your blow dryer including the nozzle attachment, gently rough dry the hair to remove additional moisture while taking your fingers to lift the hair at the root air to speed up the drying process, while also creating some extra lift. 

Blow Dry the 'Royal' Way

When much of the moisture is gone, section the hair into four sections (top, sides, back and nape). Begin at the nape area with a large round brush lifting the root area and smoothly the ends. 

Create Curled Ends

To achieve Kate Middleton’s soft curls, turn the ends under, wrapping them around the brush, and hit them with a blast of heat followed by the cool button to set in place. Continue until the entire head is finished, taking smaller sections at the top to create added volume. 

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Add Finishing Touches

Finish your with a root lift spray and a light holding hair spray.