| July 19, 2013

Want to whittle your waist and show off bombshell curves? There's one style you need in your closet to make it possible.

The peplum trend has been popular since women were sporting corsets in the 1800s. The idea was to dramatically accentuate the curves of a woman's figure and it still works magic for the female silhouette today.

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What makes this trend even more popular is that it benefits every woman's body type. That's right, any girl can sport the peplum and it will still do their figure justice. For instance, if you're slim, sporting the peplum will give the illusion of curves and if you are a curvy girl it will make your waist appear smaller. Who wouldn't want that coveted coke bottle figure?

Though this trend is made for anyone with a mean sense of style there are lots of women still asking the same questions: How do I sport the peplum? Which style of peplum suits me best?

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Don't fret fashionistas. Here are four ways to embrace this sexy, runway-ready look:

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The Peplum Dress

If you want to skip that dainty sun dress and try an edgier style, go with a peplum dress. Make sure the fabric of the dress stretches and that the skirt underneath is fitted to your figure. The key is to accentuate those curves! Plus, dresses are an easy answer to our "What do I wear?" woes because they are easy to style. All you have to do is find killer accessories to match and you are good to go!

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The Peplum Top

Peplum tops are a great way to add character to any kind of bottom, whether you are feeling fun and flirty in shorts, sleek and chic in pants, or dangerously daring in a pencil skirt. The type of bottoms you want to avoid are A-line skirts, harem pants, or any other kind of non-fitted jeans as they downplay the glamour of a curve-enhancing peplum top. Enhance your personal style by investing in a great waist belt if you want to make your midsection appear even slimmer!

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The Peplum Skirt

Many women prefer a peplum skirt over a peplum dress because it means they get to be more creative. Peplum skirts can be mix and matched with a variety of tops and accessories. Give yourself the opportunity to get creative and discover different ways to wear your skirt with a blouse, jewels, or even retro slingback shoes.
The Peplum Belt

If you want to always have the option of adding a peplum to your look then your best bet is to score a peplum belt or two. This is a great way to accessorize your look and add that runway edge to any outfit. I find that plenty of shops are selling them and they're easy to find online. The model above is wearing a leather-inspired peplum waist belt with a gold plate detail, which available at ASOS.