| October 24, 2013

Shimmering fabrics and sparkly materials have been trending ever since the spring, and the look is sure to gain steam as we advance toward the holiday season (it’s closer than you think!).

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The latest twist on the look is decidedly edgier, a lot bling-ier, and seriously reflective — all of which means it’s easy to go overboard really fast and come out looking like a loon (think: Hammertime).

To help navigate these flashy waters, we pulled together ten ways to pull off the tinsel-y trend without looking like you’re about to hit the clubs — from sticking to accessories or piling it on (it looks good, we promise!).
Start from the bottom up.

Menswear-inspired trousers make for a toned-down look, even in a hyped up fabric like metallic or lamé. Keep the fit loose and cropped to show off a delicate shoe, and top it off with a casual knit for that not-even-trying-but-surely-killing-it vibe.

Stella McCartney Gold-Tone Lamé Elasticated Pants, $771 at
Do it with denim.

Securing their place among any wardrobe’s most versatile items — second only perhaps to the plain white tee — skinny jeans are the easiest way to pump up an outfit for day or night, without venturing too far outside the ol’ comfort zone. Sky high pointed toe pumps streamline the look, while a loose top keeps things few notches below screeching.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Seamed Cigarette Leg Jeans, $198 at
Skirt the issue.

Despite popular belief, lamé pencil skirts can still work for most without magnifying the bootie. Go for a subtle print overlay, and play down the rest with pieces from the same color palette. If things get too loud, there are always chucks to help reign it in.

Marc Jacobs Micro-Plaid Lamé Pencil Skirt, $198 at
Go to town with tassels.

The understated sturdiness of loafers paired with the collegiate panache of an unexpected tassel is just what the toned-down doctor ordered for shiny brights.

Giuseppe Zanotti bronze tassel loafers, $595 at

Neiman Marcus
Full metal jacket.

From the boardroom to the bar, there’s no event a good jacket can’t weather, and a tinsel-y one goes harder, longer, while still remaining relatively timeless.

Saint Laurent Metallic One-Button Blazer, $2,950 at Neiman Marcus.