| June 26, 2013

Confession: We’ve been in withdrawal ever since Nashville’s first season came to close.

For so long, our Wednesday nights were a thing of beauty: watching Rayna Jaymes and and Juliette Barnes battle it out for Queen of Country, singing along to adorable Lumineers’ covers, crushing hard on Deacon and Gunner, and most importantly, keeping tabs on the country strong fashion.

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While Rayna and Juliette duked it out to see whose dress was shinier, up-and-comer Scarlett O’Connor looked like the posterchild for Free People with her sweet country twang. Whether they’re hitting the stage or turning heads on the mean Tennessean streets, the women of the Music City never failed to entertain us.

Here are 25 of our favorite looks from a very embellished opening season:
Juliette Barnes

Gold, short, and sparkly — in other words, a Juliette signature.
Juliette Barnes

Gold, short, and sparkly — plus beaded fringe.
Juliette Barnes

Bright florals and a sweet grin are a surefire way to trick Sean Butler into serenading you with his guitar.
Juliette Barnes

Nothing says, "I'm going to leave my husband-to-be at the altar" like a Monique Lhuillier.