| July 8, 2013

Think of all the celebrities you can imagine wearing thigh high boots: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and…Nicole Kidman?

For her recent Jimmy Choo campaign, Kidman shocked us with her new red ‘do and uncharacteristic sexuality. Now, in a behind-the-scenes movie for that same campaign, she surprises again by divulging her favorite types of shoe. “I am always partial to a thigh-high boot, so that would probably be my favorite,” she explains. “My husband and I have motorbikes, so I’m definitely a boot girl.”

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Well, we’re pretty sure the last time we saw Kidman in any kind of thigh-highs was back in "Moulin Rouge," but we’ll trust her. As she talks in the Jimmy Choo film clip, you can see flashes of her wearing some boots, and they do look amazing.

However, Kidman’s not the first to bring our attention to thigh high boots this year, though she is perhaps the most unexpected. In fact, 2013 has practically been The Year of the Thigh High Boot.

First we saw both Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker both rocking some crazy boots at the 2013 Met Gala (though Parker’s mohawk may have distracted you from her footwear).

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Then at last week’s Haute-Couture Fashion Week in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld and other designers sent models parading down the runway wearing thigh high boots.

Even at this year’s Tony Awards, "Kinky Boots" (which features all kinds of thigh-highs) nabbed the award for Best Musical.

And now Nicole Kidman.

Check out some Year of the Thigh High Boot pictures below:


In concert May 5th.


At the Met Gala May 6th.

Sarah Jessica Parker

At the Met Gala May 6th.