| July 1, 2013

No, we’re not kidding. Remember the bodysuit? (No, no, not jumpsuit — bodysuit). Maybe you saw one pulled from your mother’s closet in 1987. Perhaps as an awkward youngster in ’91, you donned your own leotard-like style.

There was a reason bodysuits went out of style: They were uncomfortable. Eventually women revolted against the one-style-fits-all suit.

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But, what if…someone addressed all of those issues, and brought back the bodysuit with a vengeance? Even a new name? Bradamant‘s “bodyshirts” are doing just that. And they’re actually really cute! (We know, it’s crazy!) First thing’s first: the crotch snaps are not hook-and-eye closures to avoid that untimely unsnapping. Plus, instead of putting the closures where it’s practically impossible to reach (unless you’re a dancer in Cirque du Soleil), they’ve been moved forward, so slipping into a bodyshirt is as easy as 1, 2, 3 closures.

Also, Bradamant makes a variety of bodyshirts that look like actual blouses, as opposed to leftover leotards from your dancing days. One features soft leather insets and an exposed front zip while another flaunts a structured poplin neckline rivaled by runways (coming for Fall 2013).

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They actually feature full-coverage panties, swear by no visible panty lines, and even have formed the derriere of these little one-pieces to give your bum some extra lift. This is not your momma’s bodysuit, girls. These are wardrobe staples that are back and better than before. See for yourself.
The Diva, $118

Coming soon in various colors,