| December 26, 2012

We’re talking wedding bands!

Many married men opt to wear a ring, and more often than not, guys settle for a plain old band. Nothing sporty, nothing glitzy, just straight-up simple. 

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But, there are more options out there! From hand-made to polished wood, there are even rings with built-in gadgets that help you remember that all-important anniversary.

Whether you are about to get hitched, are a newlywed, or just looking for a ring refresher, we’ve found the top five most unique rings on the market:

Kinekt Design Gear Ring, $165

For the finger fidgeter, the gear ring is for you. It's made of — you guessed it — working gears. A possible wrench?  It’s a little on the large side, and with limited choice of metals, it might not suit everyone's taste, but it's still definitely worth a spin.

Simply Wood Rings, Price Varies

Gold? Nah. Silver? Nope.  Simply Wood Rings offers a wide breadth of wedding bands all hand-crafted and made from recycled timber. Whether it was an old baseball bat or violin, the company says “all the material used to make these wood rings had a previous noble life before their transformation.” Beautifully designed and with a variety of styles, these special rings are sure to stand out.

The Remember Ring, $760

Having trouble remembering your anniversary? The Remember Ring (still just a concept, thank goodness) heats up to 120 F the day before that special date, just in time to remind you to get a card!  Sure, we all have cell phone reminders, Google calendars, and heck even that old school post-it note would do just fine. But if you absent-minded guys are running out of options, this one’s for you.

The Binary Ring, $1,300

Engrave your own personal love message to your betrothed with the binary ring.  Your message can contain up to 25 characters, and even if you aren’t a computer guru, the rings have a very sleek, sophisticated, modern design. 

Fingerprint Rings, $200-$500

Truly one-of-a-kind!  Forget engraving your anniversary date or your sweetheart's initials and get a fingerprint ring.  Your loved one's print can be stamped on the inside or outside of the band with a variety of metals and designs to choose from.